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Posted on 15-Feb-2001 03:29 GMT by Christian Kemp109 comments (68k)
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Ralph Schmidt announces the "MorphOS 0.4 Release with a lot of new native OS modules, an OS Module Plugin, a WarpOS/Warp3d emulation and a 2hour timeout."

Finally, the 3rd MorphOS Release is available.
Quite a while has passed since the 2nd release
but we hope that the new features and overall
improved stability are appreciated.
This is a snapshot of our current version with
the timeout increased to 2 hours.

Major new functionalities are

o support for AmigaOS3.5/3.9 update rom
No need anymore for dangerous resets.

o support for external rom modules so that
everybody can write his own rom module
replacements and put them into the load

o WarpOS emulation, finally you are able to
play HereticII with Warp3D while running

o new native modules

o exec(fully independent)
o expansion.library
o romboot
o input.device
o keyboard.device
o battclock.resource
o battmem.resource
o cardres.resource
o cia.resource
o potgo.resource

o Improved CyberGraphX PPC with native

o Improved BlizzardPPC support

o native jfif.datatype for completeness

o better devpackage

o more efficient ppc/68k switch which
results into better compiled code and
lower latencies.

New native 3rd party software

o Bochs(PC Emulator)

o New MUIPPC Snapshot

o New MagicMenuPPC

o xpk

o cnet.device


 New MorphOS 0.4 Release : Comment 8 of 109
Posted by Ben Hermans/Hyperion ( on 15-Feb-2001
In Reply to Comment 7 (Anonymous):
Now why would be "worried"?

As long as it runs our games at a decent speed, I certainly am not worried at all.

This just means more potential sales for us.

And why would we be worried about what happens next?

You intend to break compatibility again or what? :)

Oh, I know ...

No, we're not worried. Sorry ;)

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