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[News] : Dear Amiga Inc., Could I Make a Few Suggestions?Link
Posted on 09-Apr-2002 14:29 GMT by Christian Kemp211 comments (185k)
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catohagen points to this article: : Dear Amiga Inc., Could I Make a Few Suggestions? : Dear Amiga Inc., Could I Make a Few Suggestions? : Comment 94 of 211
Posted by Ben Hermans/Hyperion ( on 11-Apr-2002 08:32:24
In Reply to Comment 86 (darklite):

>It's not because they are against x86, it's because mr Hermans now suddenly says >he has no problem with Amithlon while he was spreading Amithlon FUD from the >beginning.

Brecht, this is really the last time I'm going to answer this because I'm getting sick of your dim-witted nonsense.

Try to remember it this time.

1. Hyperion is NOT against the x86 CPU architecture. We use this on a daily basis for Linux and Windows development and contract work. We even have 0S 4 cross-compilers running on Linux x86.

Re-read my statement from a while back, the one you always complain about.

2. Hyperion is NOT against Amithlon. Amithlon is an emulation package and a very competent one at that just as AmigaXL or AmigaForever. In fact, AmigaForever and UAE were around for a long time and you never heard us complain about it.

We went out of our way to support Amithlon with Freespace and even went as far as to report certain bugs to Bernie Meyer (and Harald Frank).

There is simply no basis for this claim of Amithlon bashing.

3. Hyperion is AGAINST turning Amithlon into an x86 native port of OS 4.

This is the only thing we are opposed to and it doesn't prevent anybody else from undertaking this but we won't do it unless we get paid upfront.

Can you grasp the nuances? I've only said this like what, 10 times already?

>He doesn't seem to want unity across MorphOS, Amithlon and OS4, ....

If Amithlon limits itself to being a 68K emulator, then by definition all 68K programs will run on it, just as they will run on OS 4.

A developer therefore has the choice between either developing a 68K version only or developing a PPC native OS 4 version and a 68K version.

I fail to see the problem.

MorphOS: is a product which is considered to be illegal by Amiga Inc.

Moreover moving code back and forth between MorphOS and OS 4 is very simple as both use GCC.

In fact, it would doubtlessly be simpler than moving code back and forth between OS 4 x86 and OS 4 PPC.

So who's the one standing in the way of unity by constantly advocating an x86 OS 4? You or me?

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