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"The M in MorphOS stands for Moron" (Steffen Haeuser)

GCC is bad, unix is evil

comp.sys.amiga.programmer, Steffen Haeusser:

I am bashing GNU C and more likely the typical GNU C using programmer :) (And
also additionally bashing the fact that GNU C does not support WarpUP...)

comp.sys.amiga.programmer, Steffen Haeusser:

Well, it is a typical Unix Compiler. On Unix i also would use it. On Amiga:

comp.sys.amiga.programmer, Steffen Haeusser:

When OS3.5 PPC comes out, gcc will be "off" of
the Amiga Platform for some time... until someone converts it to WarpUP. So
if you rely your developpement on this compiler, this is no good idea. (07/01/1999), Steffen Haeusser:
ELF is a monster !!! (07/01/1999), Jyrki O Saarinen:
Steffen Haeuser  wrote:

> ELF is a monster !!!

Why not say ELF is anti-christ too?

> It is not. I also compiled some things, and there was sometimes factor
> 3 or 4 (EGCS for ELF).

Just because you are too stupid to strip debug information out of the
executable, don't make false assumptations.

comp.sys.amiga.programmer (02/03/1998), Steffen Haeusser:
That one is a very important point for myselves, too. And also one of the main 
reasons that Sam Jordan - at that time not yet with H&P - started with WarpOS, 
also... "Stop Unix !!!"

StormC4 is now based on GCC and unixish stuff, Steffen Haeusser:
"Though this sounds like advertising: For a developer of commercial 
software there's simply no alternative to StormC 4 on the Amiga. 
And I don't see any rason why people absolutely want to talk about 
an alternative." 

"OS"4 will use ELF, Steffen Haeusser:
What the Coward-whom-I'd-like-to-sue-if-I'd-know-who-he-is did ignore is the
fact that what I did not like about "ELF in AmigaOS" and why at that time I
was totally against it. At that time (yes, this was still before the
thread cited) you could not even directly start PowerUP-programs but had to
use something like "runelf"). Programs using PowerUP could not directly - at
that time, later there was a LoadSeg-Patch - load AmigaOS Executables. Certain
people even wanted to get "rid of Shared Libraries in favour of ELF Objects,
as the Amiga Shared Library design is outdated". But well, all this stuff
does not really matter anymore now. That certain people always start this
discussion again shows how scared they are of OS 4 I guess... I mean
insulting people like that publicly... no people in their right senses
would do this :)

"I have nothing personal against Ralph Schmidt"

comp.sys.amiga.misc (08/05/1999), Steffen Haeusser:
I know whom I blame for the whole Kernel War event: It is Ralph Schmidt. (13/05/1998), Steffen Haeusser:
We have a much better implementation (while 
ppc.library has no good implementation and additionally was done by Ralph 
Schmidt :) ) (08/10/1998), Steffen Haeusser:
And about ppc.library - well, we don't only talk about unoptimized plain C 
code here, we talk about code done by Ralph Schmidt :) (01/08/2001), Steffen Haeusser:

And as to who was the guy who tried the Kernel War living for YEARS,
this was Mr. Schmidt, nobody else... sure, he had his "unofficial fan-club",
well, this does not change what happened, though...

"PowerUP/ppc.library is a dead end" (06/01/1999), Steffen Haeusser:
- I connect AmigaOS also very close with it's hunk format. It is a
  resource-saving SMALL format, while ELF is big and bloated. Weren't we
  always laughing about the PC-guys with their huge memory-needs and that ?
  With ppc.lib it is their turn to laugh back :)
- Look at the API. For WarpUP really only some "PPC" was appended to the names,
  asides from that it looks 1:1 like the original API. Not true for ppc.lib
  - for most cases - it looks as if Ralph Schmidt invented stuff "ad hoc"
  as he needed, without looking at the consequences.
- No possibility to integrate it to 68k-OS by use of a 68k Emulator
- Compare the implementation of PPC Libs with 68k Libs for both Kernels.
  For WarpUP it is a 1:1 implementation - for ppc.library something completely
  different !!! (07/01/1999), Steffen Haeusser:
I did not mean this. Try integrating a 68k Emulation in - current !!! - 
ppc.library. You will have problems, as ppc.lib does in some aspects require a 
68k Kernel "below". WarpUP does not require a 68k Kernel, it can run 100% PPC 
Native. (09/01/1999), Steffen Haeusser:
ts> What has this to do with anything? You claimed that ppc.library "can't work
ts> with 68k emulation".. Warpup can't work with emulation either if no-one
ts> writes one for it. :)

Well, my point is that this would require HUGE work. Work which is already 
done for WarpUP. For ppc.lib this is all ABSOLUTELY theoreticall, nobody would 
write such a thing. Also, certain things would have to be changed in the 
Kernel. Big things. 

MorphOS was released in 2000 with full backward ppc.library compatibility.

The rotating Haeusser (01/08/2001), Steffen Haeusser:
some people might still remember my pro-PowerUP article from the "start",
and wonder why I later turned 180 degrees...

Views from others

Volker Barthelmann , in reply to Haeusser,
comp.sys.amiga.programmer, 28-Feb-2001

> No other compiler on Amiga is a match for
> gcc in the efficiency of the Code...

There have always been lots of cases where SAS or vbcc have beaten
gcc. (And I could imagine a search on deja-news might even find some articles
with you claiming StormC offering the best code :-).

Gerrit-kjeld Dusseljee, 05-Mar-2001

> Steffen Haeuser does not know how to write version information,
> unfortunately.
> And he does not want to fix it, nor other bugs/design flaws of
> rtgmaster.library.

I don't think he can fix it, it looks like he is just a bad coder with a
big mouth, who can just recompile things (look on aminet....just
recompiles for WarpDown) (05/01/1999), Jyrki O Saarinen:
Steffen Haeuser  wrote:

> Basically the problem above was because of P5 wanting to choose for YOU
> which  Kernel you HAVE to use. They even used a bigger (more expansive)
> FlashROM  because of that, that you cannot choose freely yourselves. 
> Luckily WarpUP found a way around this...

Yes, it is always easier to blame others.

Sure, there are no bugs in rtgmaster, which crashed for me on almost
every app using it (demos) or they didn't work. I don't see a reason
for using such a library either, it doesn't offer anything which
any Amiga programmer couldn't do in few minutes.

Propaganda (06/01/2000), Steffen Haeusser:
MiniGL Version will of course be WarpUP-only :) (And 68k). As MiniGL does not 
support PowerUP. (Sorry, couldn't resist this remark, after you mentioned 
PowerUP above)

Accurate predictions
(04/01/2000), Steffen Haeusser:
If it happens, of course it would be a good thing, if 
people like P5 decided to drop QNX or whatever plans in favour of PPC OS...

All i know is that H&P definitely would LIKE to do it :) And i hope they can 
do it...

In 2001, H&P releases Amiga"OS"XL, which is an UAE emulation running under.. QNX

Accurate knowledge
(20/12/1998), Steffen Haeusser:
[...] as Ralph Schmidt would have problems copying stuff from WarpUP, as it uses PowerOpen
while his system uses Server V...

Server V.. hehe

"Hey, I never said that". Haeusser suffering from amnesia
(18/12/2002), Steffen Haeusser:
If I would see ELF as evil like you and some other people
claim, how could I use gcc-WarpUP then ?

Creative accusations

This mail was sent to Olli shortly after I released VFlash for PowerUP.

You are aware that by using ppc.library V46 you break compatibility with WarpUP
(which is what most people are using despite people like Zapek heavily
manipulating certain surveys using anonymous-browsing-tools) ? Which means
compatibility will also be broken for upcoming G3/G4 Boards and the backward
compatibility layer of the NG OS. I would really recommend stepping back in
version or better doing a WarpUP Native implementation (Still i would offer to
help with this). We do not need another Kernel war, the first one did
damage enough. What do you want to do, doing your small share in destroying what
has remained of the Amiga ?
Steffen Haeuser
I still have yet to find what makes him think I "manipulate certain surveys using anonymous-browsing-tools". Or perhaps I don't. It's haeusser after all.

Oh, but I'm not the only one. There's another one of those mail sent to another developer:

Do you ppc.lib guys never learn it ? Do you want OS3.5 to FAIL ? Every program
for ppc.lib is one step AWAY from the chances for a PPC NG Amiga...
Use WarpUP...
Steffen Haeuser

and another one:

I think a discussion makes no more sense. If you want to leave Amiga it is
your choice. And you have to agree... WarpUP API basically is a PPC way of
AmigaOS API, while ppc.lib is - something different. And inclusion into OS3.5
settles the matter. About new machines and such... i HAVE insider knowledge
about ongoing projects, right...

It was all Jochen Becher's fault
(27/05/2003), Steffen Haeusser:
I am using a compiler using ELF as my favourite compiler since the Heretic II port
(which was how many years ago ?). At that time back then I was given reasons by
Jochen Becher (who was really NOT liking ELF) why ELF would be an extremely bad idea.
And as I was very impressed with his other work I believed him up to it at that time :)
I still remember that I had discussions with Jochen about that issue at a later time.

It should be known that since many years I am very pro the gcc-WarpUP compiler and
am recommending it to all people who ask which compiler they should use on AmigaOS.

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