MorphOS lowlevel.library

The lowlevel.library offers timer and keyboard/joystick support functions to game and demo programmers.

The original library was designed by Commodore and is the perfect example of a braindead API:

And, of course, the previous issues all come from the API, not from its current implementation. So, it is not possible to fix everything.
The original library was also directly accessing the Amiga hardware and doing so many nasty things it could not work on modern MorphOS systems.

About MorphOS reimplementation:


The v50 library is part of MorphOS and was released in 2002. Many thanks to Sigbjørn Skjæret, Frank Mariak, Piru Sintonen and others for their help.

Download lowlevel.library v51 public beta for MorphOS 1.4+.
Please do not contact the MorphOS team about it. If you have any bug-report, suggestion or comment then contact me exclusively.

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