The "Autofire" tool is a very simple lowlevel.library patch. Just run it to patch the lowlevel.library in memory and add an autofire feature to the "Red" button of all connected joypads (gameport and usb ones). "Forward" and "Reverse" buttons send the same event as the "Red" button, without any autofire. For now, this layout can not be changed.

Why was it needed ?
Because most coin-op shoot them up games are meant to be played with an arcade stick and have no built-in autofire. Playing them using a joypad is painfull: the thumb can not really press a button 15 times per second during a long period of time. At least, mine can not.
If people think using an autofire is cheating... they should learn the NEC PC-Engine was the shoot them up king and was shiped with built-in autofire controllers.
Now, start MAME and enjoy Raiden, Strikers 1945 and many more. ;-)

If you believe some other button needs autofire, a GUI is required or a preference editor is a must have... then feel free to send me an email explaining it.

Download autofire.lha v0.1 (5,2 kB).

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